Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Photos

Well, after a bit of a holiday season hiatus, I'm back to work posting the wonderful photos from our wedding.  This is the last set of posed shots that we took before the actual ceremony and it's so hard to narrow down the bests ones.

One of my favorite things about this set of photos is how different each of the locations are.  It's almost hard to imagine that they were all taken just minutes apart.

This was the start of our first look.  I loved the location we chose to do it at because of these pictures! I'm walking down the driveway of the house we rented and Zeke is standing just up the street, we literally were on a mountain top.  So beautiful, I hope some day we are fortunate enough to go back.

This was my favorite part of my dress and really the only thing I wanted in "my wedding dress."

At Carmel River Beach the sand was made of very large grains and was so so so cold!

This one is in my top two for sure.  It's on my computer screen at work.  The colors are just amazing!

This spot was an amazing find!  It seems so far away from the beach in this picture and looks so dreamy!

More dreamyness was found with this tree.

And here you go.  This is our absolute favorite photo that Claire captured.  Simply amazing.  Someday I want to blow it up real big and have it custom framed.  Oh someday...

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