Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back to the drawing board!

Hey everyone!
So for everyone waiting for a date, so are we! After Jessica Felts the "Group Sales Manager" at Costanoa made a verbal agreement and turned down Stews offer to submit a deposit to reserve the date saying that we had the date secured and that he should wait for the contract she sent us this email...

"Hi Zeke, Adina, and Stew,

Thank you for your email today Stew, I have been in meetings all day and have not had a chance to get back to you until now.

As you all know this is our peak wedding booking season, and September/October dates for 2010 have been booking very quickly.

I regret to inform you that the September 25, 2010 date has been booked for another wedding.

I apologize for the disappointing news ... "

It goes on trying to say that other dates are available but thats not really important because at this point we don't feel like we can trust them with our special day - to many broken promises. So were back looking at venues and have some promising leads including the Seymour Marine Discovery Center and we're looking into renting a big ass beach house and just having it there :-D.

On another note we had a AWESOME!!! birthday dinner at Betelnut (great find Jude!) which had a gluten free menu for Adina after visiting BE to design our wedding bands. Were hoping that after we catch up a couple of pay checks :-p we can head up and get them started!

A couple of weekends ago we went with one of Adina's best friends and future bridesmaid Jenny Manseau who also happens to be a professional photographer to take some engagement photos and evadentally ended up with around 1000 taken. So we patiently wait as she does her fancy photographer thang and can't wait to see and share them with you all! And if anybody has the needs for a photographer give her a call or shoot an e-mail and if she can't help you out she should be able to provide a good reliable reference.

Other than that we're geting geared up for thanksgiving and the holiday season and can't wait to see everyone!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New and improved wedding website!

Hey everyone!
We weren't really happy with 'The Knot' for our website and made one that we think is WAAAAAAAAAAAY better with google. So click here and check it out!

Coming Soon (Hopefully!)

Exciting discussions were had tonight at our house tonight over yummy and GF pizza from Amici's!  Hopefully we'll have some good news soon on our date and venue.

In other news, yesterday we had a mini-date night and we purchased some silly 80s-esque looking matching hoodies from American Apparel to use for some of our engagement pictures that one of my awesome bridesmaids is shooting.

We are hoping to go to Dennis The Menace Park in Monterey to take some silly shots, so hopefully we will get our turn to play on all the fun things there!  We are also going to go to Asilomar, where we got engaged, to shoot some more dressed up looking pictures.