Sunday, October 24, 2010

Burlap and Jute Bunting

Back in August, I mentioned here that I had officially picked up all the supplies for all of the crafts I had committed to doing for the wedding.  And then in September, I had mentioned here that I had cut over 120 triangles of burlap.

And well, here is the final product!  Over 200 feet of burlap and jute bunting!

My mom and I started off the project together when she was out to visit for my shower by cutting all of the individual triangles and then starting to sew them to the jute twine.  It took a darn long while and it was messy!  I didn't realize how much the burlap would shed, it reminded me of short dog hair, like a dalmatian.

The night of the rehearsal dinner we asked our officiant, Geoff, and the groomsman, George, to hang the bunting over the dance floor. They did an amazing and awesome job and they came up with the design all on their own.

One of the best parts was how great it made all of our pictures look during our totally awesome dance party.  But more pictures of that to come later!

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