Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sites for Wedding Party Photos

Yet another thing accomplished while doing our site visit was some scouting for possible locations around the property and nearby that would be good spots to take some wedding party pictures at.

Here are a couple of our ideas...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Identifying Spaces

One of the major things we accomplished while during our site visit was identifying where all the different things will take place.  So we identified the ceremony site, the way we will walk into the ceremony, the dinner area, the dancing area, where the DJ will go, where the bar will be, and where the girls and guys will be getting ready.

That last decision was made pretty easy because there was only one bathroom in the house with full length mirrors.  And it also happened to be the biggest and prettiest one, so naturally, that was identified as the getting ready area for the girls!

The next biggest bathroom went to the guys and it has a bit more man cave feel anyway!  Here is a quick, not so great shot of it...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Wedding Video Awesomeness

Found this on My DIY Wedding Day. I think this is even cooler than that crazy dance that that one couple did down the aisle. The size doesn't show up to well on our blog so here is a link to the you tube site.

Just thought I'd share the fun!

Linens and Fabrics

We also picked out our linens at our site visit, we are going for navy blue table cloths and a napkin color that I don't think made it into this picture.

At the bottom left of this pictures you can see the swatches from my dress (cream and midnight blue) and Zeke's original suit swatches (these have since been changed, but hopefully Zeke will write a post about this sometime later).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Floral Demo

During our site visit our florist, Renee, came by with sort of a loose demo of the bouquets.  It was super fun to see and she was just so great and so fun. I really love her ideas and creativity and she really helped us bring together a great selection of flowers!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our First Site Visit

We went down to Carmel last Friday (May 7th, also Zeke's Birthday!) for our first site visit to the Point Lobos Ridge Home where we are getting married!

Believe it or not we had never seen inside the home or been on the property before.  We had only peaked over the fence at it from the owners yard since there was a long term celebrity renter who wanted their total privacy.

The house and property were everything we wanted and more! So it all lived up to the wonderful pictures and just had such a great feel to it.

Here are a couple photos we took of some of the neat details;

This is the front door to the house.

This is taken from the ocean view patio that faces sort of northwest. 

The ceilings inside the house are all reclaimed barn wood.