Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crafting Is In Full Swing

We're 42 days out and it's high time for some serious wedding crafting!  I went to 3 different crafting stores today to find some of the many items we were in need of. One of them, Pacific Fabrics, actually gives a discount for materials used for a wedding.

Most of the projects on the list at this point are table decorations, programs, a photo display, the seating display, a menu display, and some special gifts for some extra special people!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

VG and Michelle

Got hitched!

Over the weekend we were down in California for some of our closest friends wedding. They had a beautiful ceremony at New Brighton State Beach campground then the reception at a vacation rental nearby that the wedding party family and friends all got together and decorated. The day went off amazingly, including us almost racking up a grand total of 10 no seatbelt tickets and speaking with three law enforcement officers, in two separate incidences, while we were traveling in/on one vehicle. All on the way from where we were getting ready, to the ceremony site. We ended up with a good laugh and a better story and no VG event is complete without something like this happening anyway. This was truly a day/night to remember and congratulations to the new couple, even if they did cut in line!

All I can say is that I can't wait to join them in October and hear about all of their adventures on their honeymoon.

While we were down we got some business done too! We stayed at Stew's (Adina's dad, thats him over there -->) house in Felton, which is also where Adina's upcoming wedding shower is going to be. And the place looks AMAZING! I wish I were coming down just to kick back and spend some more time there, I hope all you ladies enjoy it!

Lastly, to finish off the weekend, Stew and I ran by Al's Attire and picked up my suit while on the way to the airport.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Tour of Our Kitchen

We got this piece when we moved into or first Seattle house and used it in our pantry area.  Now it works really well in our kitchen for all my flours and as a perfect place to display our mugs!

Our breakfast nook is still awaiting a nice bistro/bar table, but until then our Meyer lemon tree and lemongrass plant are enjoying the nice sunny nook.

Washer and dryer room at the end of the kitchen!  It's so nice!  And they work so well!

Our stove, fridge, and microwave (it came with the house too!). There's great built in shelving in this kitchen and a butcher block!

We LOVE our new kitchen!  It's pretty skinny so for two people it's a little tight but there is a lot more usable space. Also our fridge is amazing, so big and so new.  It's the newest one I've had since I started college. With the exception of our breakfast nook table and some nice curtains we're not planning to do much else to it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Tour of Our Second Bedroom/Office/Craft Room/Drum Studio

That window looks out onto our covered patio.  That BBQ that you can see came with our place!

Our desk and shelf set are currently serving as wedding stationary central. And that door opens up to a small closet.

That cabinet is pretty much full of various craft and project items.  The drums are still in the corner here, but it looks like we have enough space in the room to set them up!

So as you can tell, this room isn't exactly well organized yet.  We're planning to buy an air bed for the room and also to set up a table in here so I can use my sewing machine.  Anyway, it's generally a work in progress.  Hopefully we'll get an area rug in here as well so it's more homey when folks come for a visit!

Zeeby's Bag

I finally finally finished this bag!  I think I started it when we were still living in Capitola!

It's the Zeeby's Bag Pattern from Stitch'n'Bitch with Blue Sky Cotton.

Up until now a combination of time and intimidation of sewing knit pieces together kept me from finishing it.  But today I felt like I needed to knit, so I sat down, tried to understand the instructions for sewing knit pieces together, gave up, and just sewed it together in a way that made sense to me!