Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Tour of Our Kitchen

We got this piece when we moved into or first Seattle house and used it in our pantry area.  Now it works really well in our kitchen for all my flours and as a perfect place to display our mugs!

Our breakfast nook is still awaiting a nice bistro/bar table, but until then our Meyer lemon tree and lemongrass plant are enjoying the nice sunny nook.

Washer and dryer room at the end of the kitchen!  It's so nice!  And they work so well!

Our stove, fridge, and microwave (it came with the house too!). There's great built in shelving in this kitchen and a butcher block!

We LOVE our new kitchen!  It's pretty skinny so for two people it's a little tight but there is a lot more usable space. Also our fridge is amazing, so big and so new.  It's the newest one I've had since I started college. With the exception of our breakfast nook table and some nice curtains we're not planning to do much else to it.

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