Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Tour of Our Second Bedroom/Office/Craft Room/Drum Studio

That window looks out onto our covered patio.  That BBQ that you can see came with our place!

Our desk and shelf set are currently serving as wedding stationary central. And that door opens up to a small closet.

That cabinet is pretty much full of various craft and project items.  The drums are still in the corner here, but it looks like we have enough space in the room to set them up!

So as you can tell, this room isn't exactly well organized yet.  We're planning to buy an air bed for the room and also to set up a table in here so I can use my sewing machine.  Anyway, it's generally a work in progress.  Hopefully we'll get an area rug in here as well so it's more homey when folks come for a visit!

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