Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Ceremony

Our ceremony site was the backyard of the house we rented. On clear days you can see the whole Carmel area, but for our ceremony a wall of clouds seemed to have perfectly formed just in front of the site.  The clouds actually blew in and around the ceremony and gave it sort of neat affect, so I guess we were okay with it. We framed our little site with some pampas grass in tree stumps, that our wonderful florist provided for us.

We walked down the hillside to "All You Need Is Love" from the Across the Universe Movie Soundtrack.

This is one of our favorite pictures that Claire captured.

You can see the some of the poofs of clouds well in this picture.

Zeke's cousin Geoff officiated the ceremony for us and did such a wonderful and heartfelt job.

We included a hand fasting or binding ritual in our ceremony to demonstrate that not only the two of us were being bound together, but so were our communities.  My two step-sisters brought the cord tied that was covered with ribbons tied by our closest friends and families.

And there it is!  The kiss!

And here's the dip with the petals.

And here's the rest of the petals. Zeke's uncle took an informal, but great, video of the ceremony and you could see people picking petals off each other after the toss.  It was pretty fun to watch.

Our kiss was supposed to be during the song "Photograph" by Weezer, but that didn't end up happening.  It took a couple seconds but then the music started and we all laughed about it!

Rather than walking out of our ceremony we just chose to celebrate with our friends and family.

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