Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting Ready - On the Brides Side

So I can't do my own hair in any special way, in fact I don't even know how how to really use a curling iron.  Our wedding coordinator found Alisa from Heidi's Studio and she did a great job with what I wanted.

I did however do my own makeup after taking a lesson at the Source Spa & Salon in Ballard.  And I actually did a great job!

Us ladies all ended up being ready about 40 minutes early so we had some time to relax and eat some guacamole and chips.  We hung around in the kimono style cotton robes that I purchased for us all from Pretty Plum Sugar.

I also got to spend some time with my mom, which was absolutely wonderful.  She was a very helpful and calming influence in the morning, which I am so appreciative of.  What a great mom!

She helped me get all zipped up and set in my dress, which I'm sure wasn't as complicated as most wedding dresses, but it still required zipping assistance.

Overall, it was a very easy and relaxing morning.  We did have over 40 minutes of downtime after getting ready.  I felt sort of anxious the whole time because I just wanted things to start moving.

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