Friday, December 25, 2009

2009's Knitted Christmas Gifts

Green and Yellow Hat and Scarf Set.
Made for the lovely Jenny of Creative Cooking: Gluten Free and Mia Cara Photography
The scarf is a double rib and I can't remember how many stitches I casted on but it was a lot!  The hat is pretty basic with a double rib at the bottom, I believe I casted on 70 stitches in a round. I used Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton Yarn.  My absolute favorite yarn out there.

Black Hat With Ear Flaps.
Made for my younger step sister, Casey.
I believe I did 70 stitches in a round for this hat as well.  I started with seed stitch at the bottom and then just knitted the top. I adapted of the Stitch'n'Bitch pattern for the ear flaps   to make them longer at the top and use a knit stitch on the last two stitches on each side to keep a cleaner line.  Then I i-corded down 12 inches and attached little pom poms. This hat was also made from Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton.

Black Hat With Ear Flaps and Multi Colored Pom Poms.
Made for my future cousin-in-law, Monica
This was 70 stitches in a round and I alternated knitting and purling each row to get the look of the base of the hat and the ear flaps. The top is just knitted. I again, made the ear flaps longer than the Stitch'n'Bitch pattern and either knited or purled the two last stitches one each side depending on which alternating row I was on.  The black yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton and the multi colored yarn is Araucania Patagonia Nature Cotton (my other favorite yarn).

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