Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Trial and A Shower

Labor Day weekend was all about the wedding!

My mom flew out from New York to spend some time with us in Seattle and then she and I flew down to California on Friday.  Saturday morning bright and early we headed down to Heidi's Studio in the Carmel Crossroads Shopping Village for my pre-wedding hair trial.  It wasn't the full extent of what it will be for the wedding, but more just of a chance to figure out the general concept.

Then we zipped back to Felton for my Wedding/Bridal Shower which Connie & Mary (my step-mom and future mother-in-law) put on for me!  It was totally wonderful and I couldn't believe how many people where there!  It was just a nice feeling and so nice to see everyone before the wedding!

Here's a quick shot of Sam, my bridesmaid, making me a bouquet for the rehearsal out of all the ribbons from the gifts everyone brought.  She did a ridiculously awesome job! Seriously...professional quality.


  1. Adina so glad you had a great time! I'm sorry I could not make it ~ I heard it was a success. SO looking forward to the wedding weekend!

  2. No worries, but I would have loved to have you there of course! Wedding weekend will be awesome! Can't wait!