Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today, was a long day. I worked from 8pm to 8am flew to San Francisco (the only sleep I've had so far) and then had my first fitting for the suit for the wedding. And oh my is it sweet. I've been working with Al's Attire who was suggested to us from the person making Adinas dress. It's still in process but should be ready for pickup in a couple of weeks.

You can see it's not done yet. I asked for a retroey kind of rat pack meets mad men kind of a cut then went from there. It's brown wool and has a bunch of little accents and details which are in our wedding colors and your going to have to wait for. In the mean time here's one more shot...

Also I've started work with Swedish Medical as an Emergency Room Technician in their First Hill Campus. Im working every other Thurs, Fri, Sat, Mon, Tuesday nights from 8pm to 8:30am. It's not being a paramedic on a 911 ambulance but hey, it lets me live in Seattle and with my gurlie full time so all in all a positive thing. Though I do miss seeing everyone on my off days. Anyway I'll leave you with a picture of the front of my ED and an invitation to come up and visit us in our new place!

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