Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finished Projects #1, 2, 3, 4, & 5: Light, Lemons, Shelving, Mirror, and Door

We got so many small projects done in our first week that it's really just easier to put them all into one post. Otherwise we could fill a whole week with posts on each of these small projects.

Finished Project #1: Light
Our bedroom light fixture was cracked and well, ugly.  So we got a new one at Home Depot to replace it.

Finished Project #2: Lemons
My mom send us the best moving in present we could possibly receive, a Meyer Lemon tree!  We had to leave ours in California, so we were a bit sad about that.  Anyway we found a great local nursery and potted our lemon tree to grow inside our Laundry Room where we get a lot of morning sun.

Finished Project #3: Shelving
We needed shelving in our laundry room to make up for the lack of storage space in our kitchen. So we bought a really nice bamboo shelf that is doing quite nicely.

Finished Project #4: Mirror
We had a serious lack of mirrors in the bathroom, so Zeke found a place to have a mirror custom made to fit into the window setting of the bathroom.  The window didn't open, so all we lost was some natural light.

Finished Project (sort of) #5: Door
The door knob on the front door seemed a little iffy to us, so we replaced it.  It took some work but Zeke finally got it working! We're planning on repainting the door as well, so thus the "sort of" finished nature of this project.

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