Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Dress

Right from the start, I knew I didn't want a traditional dress and I actually wasn't so sure I even wanted a white or ivory dress. I also wanted something that I could wear again and possibly (Gasp!) dye a different color to get more use out of. So, if there is one thing in wedding planning that makes me feel the most anti-bride it has to be the whole dress thing.

All that being said, after tearing apart probably 10 wedding magazines and hating every single dress I saw, I decided that I would not go dress shopping.  Instead, I am going to have my dress custom made by Amanda Archer. I found her store on Etsy sometime early last year and became obsessed with the Pleated Collar Dress which I (still) desperately want in Midnight Blue. That dress will also actually be the basis for the bridesmaids dresses which will be in either midnight blue or moss green and might be customized further if my lovely bridesmaids so choose!

It took me a while to come up with an idea of what I wanted but I've narrowed it down.  One thing that really helped me was to think about our wedding and what I visualized the day to be like.  Songs like the The Twist and Do You Love Me kept popping into my head like the background soundtrack.  That told me that I wanted something I could really dance in and twirl in. 

After I e-mailed probably too many pictures and too many descriptive words that didn't make sense together, Amanda was able to put what I wanted into a first rough sketch of my dress, and here it is;

A couple of things will be a little different than the sketch, for example the upper part of the back will match the front scoop neck.  The dress will will be primarily a cream color with that middle scrunched part being midnight blue. And like it says on the picture there will be a layer of tulle that peaks out on the bottom.

So tomorrow I am going to get my measurements professionally done at The Tailor Maid at Stanford Shopping Center.  I've had a lot of my clothes tailored there before and even though its quite a drive from Capitola, I want to go somewhere that I trust.

P.S. My dress will have pockets...awesome.


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  2. No freaking way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Amanda Archer. IN fact, I contacted her waaaay back in the day about doing my dress. You are lucky...her dresses are beyond divine.

  3. @Sarah - your blog looks really interesting! I'll have to add it to my following list! my personal, non coupled blog is more about food, gardening, and crafting actually!

    @a.mountain.bride - thanks! I'm super excited! She's going to be making the bridesmaids dresses and our "groomsmaid's" dress too!